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Experts In Property Insurance Repairs

When your home has suffered from damage you have more than enough on your mind without the stress of dealing with your claim and getting the repairs done.

Resolve Building Claims specialises in helping householders and landlords to get damage fixed quickly and we deal with the insurance company on your behalf.

You can be confident that we have your best interests in mind to ensure you get what you need. Apart from the excess on your policy you won’t be charged for our services. You won’t need to pay for any materials, deposits or for the tradesmen’s time, your claim covers it all. On completion you’ll sign a satisfaction note and we simply invoice the insurance company directly.

If you need help with your building claim, just make that one call to : 01277 230637



Insurance companies will usually recommend either a company they have an ongoing relationship with or the cheapest of the quotes they get.  Typically, these contractors will do what the insurance company wants – not what you want.

The good news is that you don’t have to use the insurance company’s recommended contractor – although they may try to suggest that you must do so.  You can choose your own contractor to do the work. 

Our team of tradesmen are experienced in insurance claim work, but are working for you, not for the insurance company, which means your needs take priority.  You can leave us to do the negotiation, agree the work schedule and get the work done – usually much faster than an insurance company contractor can do.


What your policy actually covers?

Most of us don’t read the small print – until something goes wrong.  Before you even think of talking to your insurance company be sure you know exactly what you’re covered for.

Your insurance company’s aim is to keep their loss to a minimum.  Your policy may give you more than you know about.

You can always ask your Resolve Building Claims project manager to check the details for you to ensure our negotiations are based on fact and you get the best possible results from your claim.

You can add work to the schedule?

Although the insurance company may not cover everything you’d like done, you can request our team to extend the work schedule to give you a better outcome.  For instance, if we have to remove your bath and tiles to repair a leak, it may be worth you contributing a little extra to get a completely new bathroom.



If you’re looking after properties on behalf of your clients, dealing with property damage can take up a lot of your time.  Arranging the insurance adjuster’s visit and keeping on top of the progress of the work are all time-consuming.  With Resolve Building Claims you can make one call and we’ll deal with everything with the insurance company  representatives and loss adjuster through to the completion of work.


When you have many properties to manage, insurance claims can eat up your time.  Our team can take the headache away, liaise with the insurance company, talk to the landlord, keep the tenants happy and get the work done with the minimum fuss.


Keep your tenants happy and ensure any leaks or accidents that involve an insurance claim are sorted out quickly and everything is back to normal.

Happy tenants stay longer – and that means fewer problems trying to find good new tenants for your properties.