Burglers broke into a flat in Brentwood. They damaged the front door and the internal decorations to the hall.

To Start With

The flat was a rented property, the land lord was not local so asked his insurance broker to recommend someone who could help. The Brokers recommended Resolve.

We contacted the tenant and immediately carried out temporary boarding to secure the property.

We carried out a survey of the property and issued a complete scope of the necessary repairs to the insurance company. The insurance company authorised the works immediately following receipt by our schedule.



The door to the flat was an odd size so had to be specially made. There were previous problems with water coming into the property due to the poor design of the door. We took the opportunity to change the details and provide a weathertight solution.

All the works were carried out by our team of trades men.


To Finish

When all the works were complete, the policy holder signed a completion note, which we forwarded to insurer with our final invoice for the pre-agreed cost which was paid directly to us.