We had a call from a busy landlord who’s rented apartment in Chelmsford had suffered a leak from the apartment above causing major water damage. The said they did not have the time of the expertise to deal with. We were recommended by a friend of theirs that had used our service in the past.

To Start With

We met the landlord on site who asked us to manage the claim from start to finish. We immediately set up dehumidifier on site to stop further damage. We carried out a survey of the property and immediately issued a complete scope of the necessary repairs, including structural drying to the insurance company. The insurance company appointed a loss adjuster to manage the claim on their behalf. We met the Loss Adjuster on site and went through our proposed scope of works. They reviewed the scope and a few days later authorised us to carry out the reinstatement works.


Due to the extent of the water damage we had to remove walls that were buried into the screed, floor and wall finishes, all the sanitary ware from the bathroom and all the kitchen units. There was asbestos in the artex ceiling, polyvinyl floor tiles and a water tank which we had removed by a specialist contractor.

Before the reinstatement works could start we had to install dehumidifiers and air movers to dry out the concrete ceiling and floor. The light weight walls were beyond repair so simply removed.

The works consisted of refitting the kitchen, bathroom, hall and living room with new walls, plastering and coving the ceilings. Tiling and new floor finishes and a complete redecoration of all rooms. The old water heating system was outdated so we replaced it with a new efficient system freeing up much needed cupboard space.

All the works, except for the asbestos removal, were carried out by our team of trades men.

To Finish

When all the works were complete, the landlord signed a completion note, which we forwarded to the insurer with our final invoice for the pre-agreed cost which was paid directly to us.